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Monday November 16, 2015
7:45 AM – 5:10 PM
Boston Marriott Newton
2345 Commonwealth Avenue
Newton, Massachusetts 02459
The New England State and Local Tax Forum is a one-day conference designed to provide an annual update on significant state and local tax developments from across the nation with a particular focus on New England. Designed for SALT professionals from industry, private practice and the public sector, the Forum addresses both technical and policy issues to help practitioners comply with changes in the law as well as anticipate evolving issues that will impact the SALT field for years to come.
Register 5 or more paid attendees from the same firm and you will obtain not only the 15% group discount for each registration but also obtain one free registration (for example, 6 attendees for the price of 5)! Please send the registration information for the 6th attendee to taxforum@nesaltforum.org

Our 2013 Conference was a Success!

Comments from 2013 Forum

The speakers were very knowledgeable and the advice given was practical and helpful. Excellent!

Observations / insights about in-house corporate operations were helpful.

The DOR Panel was very beneficial - great to get their insights from these ranking officials.

SALT controversy - very good presentation, good perspectives

Balance Sheet Based Taxes - Directly related to job

Practical to job

Definitely looking forward to next year’s Nat'l SALT Case Update

Very Informative!

Excellent conference

Good use of time, very good speakers

Much more informative and educational than most, some really good presentations

I like that this forum addresses professionals rather than providing the typical "tax updates", addresses higher level, more complex issues.

I like that the topics vary from year to year, so we can send members of our firm each year and always get to hear new topics and different information.

High quality conference

Terrific conference

Great to have different perspectives between taxpayer and state side

Excellent practical session.

Nicely done, pertinent topic

This was very informative with interesting insights into each of the states operations.

Entertaining & extremely informative